My Works

Smarter Space Management System - Space management web application - IBM TGMC 2012 - J2EE + DB2 + Websphere

Shopping Kart - A shopping web application - IBM Traing Project - J2EE + MsAccess + GlassFish

JSEC CVE Details -CVE Update Collector - Own Project - Java and Swing

PowerPentest - Automated Scripts for Pentesting - Own Project - Python

WAF Bot - RealTime Threat Monitoring App - Own Project - Android + J2EE + Cloud

And few more . Check out my github profile

About Me

Hello I am Dibyendu Sikdar (dibsyhex). I am a developer and security researcher. I work mainly with Java techologies and Python.I develop Web Applications ,Network Applications , Android Applications and Destop Applications.

If I say coding is my passion , then security research is my hobby. My favourite areas of security research include Web Application Security and Network Security.I have worked with different organization as a penetration tester through their responsible disclosure programs / bug bounty programs etc. I have been listed in Hall of Fame of various organization which includes Microsoft , Oracle , AT&T ,Adode ,and many more for contribution to the security of their online services.